Operations Update
ScifiMetropolis© 2017
         Hello to all,

     Scifimetropolis has been designing, reverse engineering and building props and replicas for over 17 years. Not only do we love creating the classic Sci-Fi replicas that we do but we also do tooling and patterns for other companies as well as CNC laser cutting, CNC routing and machining, CNC plasma cutting, Thermo-Forming, resin casting and Roto-Casting. 
    We will continue to do commission work on science fiction props and replicas for our customers. We truly appreciate the loyalty and support we have received from the fans over the years.
    Scifimetropolis has always been a part time shop until the beginning of 2014 when I started running the shop full time. Since then we have had many people asking us to do work for them on our CNC machines which brought us to the decision to start our job shop division of Scifimetropolis.

     We have just recently started offering job shop type work for our clients who need CNC work done. Here is a short list of the services offered:

    CNC routing and machining of wood, plastic, tooling board, non ferrous metals, etc.
       CNC laser cutting / engraving of a variety of plastics, wood and metal.

       CNC plasma cutting metals

       Thermo-Forming various plastics.

        Roto-Casting resin parts

If you have any questions or need work done you can contact us at scifimetropolis@gmail.com


Norman Sockwell